Challenger Sessions (ages 8-12)

Each week of Challenger Summer Fun includes one off-campus field trip, and will be led by a GMS faculty member and an expert in the field of the week’s theme – for instance, Baltimore artist Michelle Dickson Feeney will lead Mixed Media Art & Working with Clay, and Pumpkin Theatre Costume Designer Karen Saar will work with us on All the World’s a Stage.

Mixed Media Art – June 22-26 (Week 1)

This week will focus on the combining of different art materials and techniques to make unique pieces of art. The students will visit the American Visionary Art Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and School 33 Art Center. We will also take a trip to a thrift store where each student will pick out an item to incorporate into a sculpture. The students will keep a sketchbook to record their ideas throughout the week.

Fishing – June 29- July 2 (4 Days -Week 2)

Welcome to your introduction to the philosophy, fun, and practice of fishing. During this program, students will explore relationships of the environment and healthy fish populations. We’ll also become familiar with various types of fishing equipment and choose a type of fishing gear to practice successful fishing techniques – and put our new skills to use to go fishing! The week will include at least one field trip where students will put new-found knowledge and skills into action.

All the World’s a Stage – July 6-10 (Week 3)

Campers will enjoy a week-long romp through theater games, pantomime, music, and movement. While rehearsing and preparing for a culminating performance on the final day of camp, participants will experience the challenge and magic of theatre.  We’ll also go off-campus to visit a working theatre during the week.

Working with Clay – July 13-17 (Week 4)

This will be a week all about sculpting and building in clay! We will go over hand building, coiling, and slab techniques. During the week we will visit Baltimore Clayworks, The Walters Art Museum, and the Baltimore Art Museum. The students will keep a sketchbook to record their ideas throughout the week.

Woodworking – July 20-24 (Week 5)

This week, each student will be introduced to the safe use of various basic power tools in order to create two examples of woodworking. Students will work individually to create a small item to take home, and all will work cooperatively in order to create something larger for the whole Greenspring Montessori community. Students will also become familiar with the journey a tree takes from being harvested to being milled to finally being used to create a finished project.

Greenspring Naturalists – July 27-31 (Week 6)

Spend a  week trekking into thriving natural environments in the Greenspring Valley, observing and learning about native plants and animals, exploring ecosystems, collecting natural objects, making natural crafts, playing games, and having lots of outdoor fun! Each child will store personal observations, discoveries, and interesting finds in a nature journal. We will frequently visit nearby Meadowood Regional Park for stream walks, as well as taking a field trip to a state park for an all-day exploratory hike.

World Bazaar – August 3-7 (Week 7)

Each day we will concentrate on the crafts and culinary delicacies of a specific country or culture. We will learn to create art objects using authentic techniques and materials, and will be cooking related regional dishes for our daily snack. We’ll wrap up the session by joining our younger friends for a campus-wide carnival!