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Adventurer Sessions (ages 5-7)

Each week of Adventurer Summer Fun includes one off-campus field trip or in-house guest presentation.

Explore Science: Wet, Wild, & Wacky! – June 23-27

Join the fun with a wet and wild week full of water and silliness. Try water relays and water obstacle course.  Experiment with water science… predict what will sink and what will float, learn about bubbles, make waves, and have a chance to go down a giant water slide!

Potter’s Delight – June 30-July 3 (closed Friday for July 4)

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to roll, pinch, carve and build with clay. Use your imagination to create your own works of art that you can paint and enjoy.

Journey Around the World through Cooking – July 7-11

Are you ready to expand your culinary horizons? Join us for an around the world culinary adventure! We’ll explore exciting global cuisine, discover the food cultures of exotic locations and learn about the nutritional benefits of different ethnic cuisines. Make fun and exciting dishes from a different part of the world each day.

Book Extravaganza – July 14-18

Discover a favorite author! Dress up as a favorite character! Write your own book! Re-create a scene! Create in the same style as an illustrator! Hear the wonderful sounds of words! Enter the amazing world of books and watch them come alive!

Wilderness Adventure – July 21-25

Discover! Explore! Investigate! Learn how to camp out. Go for a hike. Sit around the campfire playing games and sharing stories. Enjoy the fresh air and activities of the great outdoors.

“Sense”-ational Science – July 28-August 1

Experience a sense a day! See, hear, touch, smell and taste your way through the week with projects, experiments and “sense” able activities.

Carnival Days – August 4-8

Make booths and games. Prepare foods. Have a cookie bake off! Prepare prizes and share your creativity and the results of your efforts with other classes. March in a costume parade! Carnival days are sure to be a huge blast!