As many people know, for the past several years, the Adolescent Program students have been operating a Micro-Economy which helps us apply the skills we learn in class.

This year the class has decided to open the school store with merchandise from the Montessori School and Greenspring Montessori School. The class has also started serving sandwich lunches instead of pizza so that we are able to make what we sell and vouch for the quality of the food.

The class is split into four groups; an advertising group, and accounting group, and a production group. For each group there is a manager and those three managers make up the managers’ group. Each group is delegated jobs according to what they are in-charge of and each group is necessary to keep the Micro-Economy running smoothly.

In my opinion the Micro-Economy is successful in helping us apply the material we learn in class to a real life situation. I have also seen that the Micro-Economy brings us together as a team.

– Written by AP student Hiya, pictured above with the school store

This year the Adolescent Program Micro-Economy class created a business. At the beginning of the year we opened the Greenspring Montessori School Store. We sold homemade pumpkin pies on Grandfriends’ Day. After that, we discussed different ways to raise money. After ping-ponging ideas around, we came up with the idea of selling sandwiches to children in the lower grades for lunch. We broke up into four groups; Advertisement, Accounting, Production, and a special Managing group. Advertisement designed a Sandwich Order Form and Accounting sent it to the different classes. We sold a total of 33 sandwiches / 34 lunches.

Advertisement: Advertisement played a large role in the design of the order forms and telling everyone around the school about the sandwich day. Meritt and James used Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher to create the form. Other members of the advertisement group are responsible for customer service.

Accounting: The accounting group has been keeping track of all the sales, payments, bank accounts, and financial decisions that involve our school store and sandwich project. Accounting writes checks to the companies we buy from, and also has a large say in the price of our products.

Production: Production’s job is to take inventory of materials we have prepared for our next sales and to shop for items we need to purchase for sales. Production plays a large part in organizing various fundraising opportunities, such as organizing the Haunted House at the Halloween Party, cleaning and organizing the School Store, and organizing and shopping for sandwich ingredients.

– Written by AP students Meritt, James, Lisa, and Elise