For the next few weeks, all of our Elementary and Adolescent Music classes will be hard at work preparing for the Winter Celebration, which will take place in the Multi-Purpose Room at 10am on Friday, December 20, the last day of school in 2013.

Without giving away too many spoilers, this year’s production will be a diverse and entertaining cavalcade of student stars, and an excellent showcase for their many talents.  There’ll be plenty of singing, of course, including songs that will be easily recognized by the young as well as some more familiar to the not-so-young.  There’ll be drums a’-beatin’ and guitars a’-strummin’.  Our After-School Music Programs, both Keyboarding and Violin, will get a chance to demonstrate what they’ve been working on.  There’ll be dancing, drama, and general merriment!

Ms. Michelle and the After-School Art Clubs are currently hard at work at some sets for us, and Mr. Neil and the Drama classes are also working on their contributions.  Charge those batteries and clear some space on your SD cards, ’cause this will be a show you’ll want to treasure forever!  See you on the 20th!