Lower Elementary Spanish Dual-Language Program

By |February 3, 2016|

Lower Elementary Dual-Language Community

In fall of 2014 we launched the Dual-language (DL) Community at the Lower Elementary (first through third grade) Level.  With three pioneering students moving up from the Children’s House Dual-Language Community, and a native Spanish-speaking classroom assistant, our Dual-Language Lower Elementary was born. In December of 2015 we found and hired a Montessori certified guide to come into the classroom two mornings a week to give Montessori lessons to the three students (and other interested students) in Spanish, and to work with them on their continued oral language development.  She also is working with the children on […]

Using Authentic Materials for Language Learning

By |February 2, 2016|

Using authentic materials for language learning
When learning a language successfully the most important aspect is exposure, exposure and more exposure. Thanks to the internet and our global community, there are infinite opportunities out there to find authentic materials.
What is an authentic material? 
Nunan and Miller (1995) define authentic materials as those which were not created or edited expressly for language learners, but rather intended for native speakers. This means that most everyday objects in the target language qualify as authentic materials.
Why should they be used in the classroom?
Students may enjoy the interesting facets of grammar and vocabulary, but probably eagerly […]

Getting Active in the Winter Months!

By |February 1, 2016|

In January, all of our physical education classes focused on balance and the many different ways we use balance in every day activities. It is fun to see the children make these connections themselves and the spontaneous creation that comes when they are given just an idea.

Balance balls (yoga balls) were a part of classes at all levels. They are big, colorful and attractive to all and yield benefits of strength, balance, and flexibility building. Plus, they are a lot more fun than doing a plank.

February is Tag Month! We are looking forward to our elementary children creating new tag games that they will later […]

Important Information on Tuition Increase

By |February 1, 2016|

Dear Parents,

As you consider Greenspring Montessori School for your children, you may notice a significant increase in our tuition in comparison with prior years.

Our team at Greenspring Montessori School strive to make tuition affordable for all families. Given the need for significant upgrades in our security, we have increased tuition to cover the additional security costs. We run a very tight budget, only raising tuition to cover our needs. This year, that means that all tuition will have an additional increase of $700.

The security increase is on top of the typical increase for each level, which we use to […]

Inclement Weather Policy

By |January 22, 2016|

Inclement Weather Closings and Delays
Decisions regarding school closings or delays due to inclement weather are generally made before 6:00am. Closing announcements will be sent to you via Parent Alert (text message or voicemail), sent to your email, and listed on our website at Updates are also sent to local radio and television stations.
Emergency Notifications
Website: (look here first!)
Email: An email will be sent to current parents
Parent Alert: You will receive a call or text with more information
Radio: WBAL (1090 AM)
Television: WMAR-TV (Channel 2), WJZ-TV (Channel 13), WBAL (Channel 11), WBFF- Fox 45 (Channel 45) – all of these organizations also list […]

Winter Music Enrichment

By |January 20, 2016|

We have been learning a lot in Music Enrichment at Greenspring Montessori School this winter! Read on to learn more about the lessons at each level.
Lower Elementary Music:
In the Lower Elementary classes, we are working on developing ear training skills. Throughout the year we have been singing scales and spelling them out using Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do cards. Now we are taking it a step further and we are learning about and singing intervals. Do – Re is a Major Second. Do – So is a Perfect 5th and also the interval that starts the […]

Upper Elementary “No glue/tape/staples” Sculptures

By |January 20, 2016|

This week in Upper Elementary art, the students were given the challenge to stretch their sculpture skills. Their mission was to make a sculpture using multiple materials and no glue, tape, or staples. We talked about different kinds of attachments, and then they got to work. Let’s take a look!

Our Birthday Book Club!

By |January 19, 2016|

Are you looking for a special way to celebrate your child’s birthday? The Greenspring Montessori Birthday Book Club allows parents, grandparents or friends to donate to our program. With Birthday Book donations, we can assure that the library is receiving books that are the most current and that they support the school curriculum.

You will receive a mailing during the month of your child’s birthday month. Upon receiving your donation, your child’s birthday book will be purchased, processed and will have a commemorative book plate with your child’s name which will be placed inside the front cover of the book.
We hope you […]

Director of Admissions

By |January 7, 2016|

The Director of Admissions is a senior member of Greenspring Montessori School’s administrative team reporting to the Head of School. The Director of Admissions oversees the school’s admissions functions, and collaborates with the Director of Communications, Director of Training, and Director of Education.

As Director of Admissions, you are the school’s first opportunity to connect with and enroll a prospective family. Your role is part host, part educator, and part counselor. You are warm and inviting, you educate others about process and pedagogy, and you are present to their questions and concerns, truly listening to the “question behind the question.” […]

Open Art Studio!

By |January 6, 2016|

Take a quick peek at what our students have been up to in Open Art Studio!

We have Open Art Studio twice a week to give our students the opportunity to explore their ideas and research from the morning work cycle with art!