November Reads from the Montessori Library

By |November 23, 2015|

Are you looking for a few seasonal reads for your child? These selections are great for all ages, teaching children about tradition, different cultures, and giving during the holiday season. These books and many more are available in our Library to be checked out. Contact us for more information.

Thanksgiving with Me
Margaret Willey

Sit down, Mother, and tell me again. When are my uncles coming? When? Pressed against the windowsill in breathless anticipation, a little girl cannot wait for her beloved uncles to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner. She begs her mother to tell her about each and every one of them. […]

Montessori Music Lessons

By |November 23, 2015|

The Lower Elementary music classes are very busy preparing for our winter show! This year we have been working on finding and developing our singing voices through various songs, warmups, and the use of solfege syllables with hand symbols– (Do – Re –Mi – Fa – So – La – Ti – Do). The first song we are going to sing on the winter concert is called Festival of Lights. It is a fun, upbeat song, which discusses how different cultures celebrate winter holidays in different ways. We will also be singing/dancing to a song called Lets Freeze, where […]

Our First Months in the Art Studio

By |November 19, 2015|

Lets take a quick look at what our Elementary students have been up to in the art studio!

We started the year with drawing, paper sculpture, and watercolor/tempera painting.

As the students got more comfortable with the routines, we began working with more complex materials.
Leading up to the opening of our clay area, which the students have been very excited about!

Developing Soft Skills

By |November 19, 2015|

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of education.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
During our recent Level Overviews, we talked quite a bit about fostering the development of soft skills in our children. Soft skills – also referred to as “people skills” – include a person’s social graces, habits, personality traits, and interpersonal skills.

When thinking about education for our children, parents often have high academic aspirations. But of course, we also want our children to be good. This goes without saying. We want them to be caring, compassionate individuals. We want them to be problem-solvers and leaders. […]

Lead Toddler Guide

By |November 12, 2015|

Greenspring Montessori School is seeking a kind and loving, experienced and mature Lead Toddler Guide to work with children ages 18 months – 2 years. Greenspring Montessori School is an independent, non-profit school serving children ages 18 months through 14 years. We are a hard-working group, and welcome your intelligence, creativity, passion and vision as we grow the school.

The Classroom:

Cultivate a nurturing, respectful, inspiring, empowering and safe learning environment.
Provide and support learning experiences in accordance with authentic Montessori philosophy and practice.
Collaborate and support guides throughout the classroom and the school to effectively develop, share and participate in learning activities.
Assure […]

Peace Education in the Montessori Classroom

By |November 12, 2015|

In our modern world, it is so easy to get sucked in to conflict – online, on the news, with our family and friends. It is important that at a very young age, we begin to learn how to settle our differences and appropriately handle strong emotions.

Peace education is a major component of the Montessori classroom. Adults model peaceful and respectful behavior, and because Montessori classrooms are composed of mixed age groups, older students serve as role models for younger children.

Most classrooms have a peace corner or peace table, at which two students can go to resolve a conflict […]

Lead Guides at All Levels

By |November 11, 2015|

We are looking for dynamic and enthusiastic teachers to inspire and grow our programs! Greenspring Montessori School is seeking kind, inspired and experienced Lead Guides for Toddler, Children’s House (Primary), and Elementary Programs. Applicants must be well versed in and committed to authentic Montessori practice!


The Classroom: Cultivate a nurturing, respectful, inspiring, empowering and safe learning environment.
Provide and support learning experiences in accordance with authentic Montessori philosophy and practice.
Assure that Montessori methods, classroom environment, and individual student needs are well addressed.
Keep accurate records on individual students’ development.
Provide supervision over the classroom community and students’ work, with keen awareness of the functioning of the […]

Discipline in a Montessori Classroom

By |November 10, 2015|

by Emily Shattuck, Children’s House Guide

After the field trip to Rodgers’ Farm last week, a parent commented how amazed she was by the children’s discipline. When it was time to leave the farm to return back to school, the children immediately stopped climbing on hay bales, bouncing on hippity-hops, playing tag and lined up. She said it was as if I had a magic ‘dog-whistle’ and wondered how I achieved this. I am often asked how the Guide disciplines children in a Montessori classroom. My answer is: we don’t discipline the children; the children develop self-discipline themselves through purposeful […]

Capital Project Update: November 2015

By |November 10, 2015|

From Kevin Campbell, our Project Coordinator

We are less than four months away from breaking ground on our Capital Project! There is so much to share with our community as we move forward on this exciting expansion! We’re sure you have many questions, and we encourage you to join us for an All-Community Meeting on November 19, 2015 at 8:45am in the Multi-Purpose Building.

For now, we hope this Q&A will enlighten you about our project:
When will all this planning turn into actual construction?
Back in August, Greenspring applied to the County for a Special Exception to amend its existing site plan. As […]

School Nurse

By |November 6, 2015|

Our school is currently seeking a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

As our School Nurse, your primary role is to support student learning by acting as a first responder in the event of injury or illness. You are warm and caring, and able to work with children.

The successful candidate will be a graduate of an approved LPN program in Maryland. The candidate will hold a LPN license in good standing with MBON. In addition the candidate will possess a current CPR and First Aid for healthcare providers’ certification.

Specific job responsibilities include:

Provide first aid care and medically prescribed services, including prescribed medication […]