Groundbreaking Ceremony

By |June 14, 2016|

Greenspring Montessori School hosted a ceremonial Groundbreaking on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 for a building project to renovate nearly 30,000 square feet and construct 7,500 square feet of additional classroom space on its historic seven-acre campus. Head of School, Tamara Balis, spoke to the community about our progress, and our Chair of the Board of Trustees, Fred Brown, and Councilwoman Vicki Almond shared their support. Students, parents, and staff dug in with their shovels, ceremoniously marking the beginning of this transformation.


Originally known as Emerson Dairy Farm, the iconic white barns and silos have been an important part of the Greenspring history […]

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    Adolescent Odyssey – Day 5 – Nogales Border/Mexicayotl Academy

Adolescent Odyssey – Day 5 – Nogales Border/Mexicayotl Academy

By |June 8, 2016|

We got the opportunity to visit the Mexican/U.S.  border. It was a difficult and eye opening experience. We got to talk to two border patrol agents who talked about their jobs and experiences on the border. In 2013, 4,000 kids ages 18-months to 16 years old crossed the border after President Obama made a statement about caring for immigrant children.  Smugglers used this information to lie to families in Central America and Mexico to get parents to send their unaccompanied children to the border.  The Nogales border had to service 1,200 kids in one day. A two-year old walked around with […]

Adolescent Odyssey – Day 4 – Deep Dirt Farm Institute

By |June 8, 2016|

We had an out of the ordinary and life changing experience at the Deep Dirt Farm Institute where we learned to become one with the environment. The owner, Kate Tirion, explained to us that she believes that humans don’t own nature, but rather, nature owns us. Kate was a real estate agent in her 30s. Then she got an illness and had to quit her job. After she recovered, Kate decided not to return to her old career. Instead, she wanted to make her life more meaningful by giving back to the environment and teaching others how to do […]

Adolescent Odyssey – Day 3 – Raven’s Nest

By |June 8, 2016|

On the third day of our trip, we visited Raven’s Nest, a 42 acre nature sanctuary in Patagonia, Arizona. There we met with the owners, Vincent and Claudia Pinto. Vince majored in Biology and has spent many days alone in the wilderness. He met his wife Claudia, while she was on a retreat. She was so moved by his passion that she quit her job and joined him to educate others about nature.

When we first got to Raven’s Nest, we started working on protecting the trees from wildfires. Wildfires are a big issue in Arizona because it only […]

Adolescent Odyssey – Day 2 – Windsong Service Project

By |June 8, 2016|

Our first activity on day two was to work on digging basins outside of the Windsong Peace and Leadership Center for a permaculture activity. The basins will collect and direct water to plants or trees in need of it. Arizona only gets rain for one to two months annually, meaning that these basins are very important for collecting rainwater. It is also very important because most of Arizona’s soil is full of clay, meaning that the water stays in the soil for a long time due to it’s dense consistency. The basins will also serve to slow the water […]

Adolescent Odyssey – Day 1 – Arrival at Windsong

By |June 8, 2016|







When we arrived in Tucson we were met by our energetic facilitators, Emma and Steph. We drove one hour south to the Windsong Peace and Leadership Center. When I got there I thought, “Wow, what a view!” We could see beautiful mountains; it was incredible. Arizona is so much different than Baltimore. We were told the story of how Windsong came to be part of the Me to We family. Gini Benderly, the previous owner of the center, had two mobile medical clinics in Africa and was on the staff team of the Free The Children organization. In 2003, Gini and […]

10 Benefits of our Capital Project for your Children

By |May 31, 2016|

Have you heard about our upcoming Capital Project?
We will be breaking ground for our extensive renovation on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 11:00am. The project will renovate nearly 20,000 square feet of our existing campus and add nearly 10,000 square feet of new classroom space!

Read more and stay informed about our progress here.

How your children will benefit from the Building Project:

Renovated spaces allow for focused and uninterrupted Montessori work cycles for all children
Enriched peer-oriented village environments
Healthy, safe, and inspiring workspaces
Directly accessible outdoor environments
Communal spaces in which to work, play, share, explore, and reflect
Dedicated creative spaces for art, music, and cooking
Expanded programming […]

A Year in Review from the Parent Association

By |May 26, 2016|

As we wrap up another school year and the anticipation of summer begins, the Parent Association would like to thank everyone who made what we do possible. To all the parents who attended or volunteered for Back to School Night, Movie Nights , Parent Mixers, Harvest Festival, Coffee & Conversations, Girls’ Night Out, and our most recent Healthy Living Festival – thank you, thank you, thank you!

We also would like to thank all the new parents who joined us this year as we planned for such great events and we hope more will come. If you want to get in on the fun and […]

Spring in the Library

By |May 10, 2016|

Spring has Sprung! During Children’s House story time, we have been reading many stories about Spring. We are discovering the world as it wakes from its winter slumber. Through our stories, students are excited to observe the wonders of a garden…seeds sprouting, buds blooming, what’s under the leaves, and down in the dirt We’ve witnessed transformations such as egg to chick, seed to flower and caterpillar to butterfly.. We have discovered a busy world of so many fascinating creatures…earthworms digging, snakes hunting, birds chirping and so much more!

Here are some of the books we have been reading and a […]

Elementary Art Show!

By |May 10, 2016|

Last week we held our annual Elementary Art Show!

The students have been working hard on their self-directed art show projects all spring!

Because each student chose their subject, materials, and method of working, there was a wide range of art on display! In class we have been working on seeing an idea through from the planning stage to finishing touches.

Take a look!